Pearl o Pearl

Diamond studs - anyone can pull off this timeless accessory. Diamond studs are stylish, ageless and easy enough to be put on with other jewelry and any style of hair or dress. Look for clear, shimmering gems with a minimum of 1/2 carat overall weight, embedded in white gold or platinum (not yellow gold) to flaunt their colorlessness. When it comes to shape, round studs will constantly be in design, however princess cut styles are popular-- and timeless too. Try to find screw backs to help ensure that you won't lose your investment, and ensure the setting is safe (I prefer four prongs to 3). Find more info on plus size maxi dresses online here.
Be cautioned that quality diamond studs can be costly. Blue has a beautiful pair of 1/2 carat tw diamond studs with screw backs for $600; Tiffany & Co. offers a gorgeous pair of.22 overall carat weight diamonds set it platinum for $875. Cannot manage these charms? My sparkly CZ look-alikes get the job done, and expense under $40. And I don't have to stress over losing-- or insuring them.
Pearl studs can be put on with every design of dress, and with all kinds of jewelry. Unlike diamond studs, pearl studs are surprisingly budget friendly, particularly when you select freshwater pearls, which today can rival the appeal of their saltwater cozs. Search for round white gems that is well-matched; these are classics and won't head out of design. Be careful of buying button-shaped (flattened) pearls when you believe you're getting round. Pick a back that is comfortable, secure and comprised of a metal your skin can endure, such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum.
When putting on pearls, keep in mind that the gems are generally connected with a demure, ladylike reputation, so they're ideal for a job interview, wedding event or other formal setting. Naturally, traditional pearls are best for daytime and casual events also, and give the wearer an ageless, womanly appearance that is very polished.
When purchasing pearl studs, choose akoya cultured pearls or their far more budget friendly freshwater equivalents, which are just as lovely. For the best look, pick pearls that are 6mm or higher in size. JR Dunn sells Mikimotoakoya cultured pearls in 6mm round white for $340; sells round white freshwater cultured pearls in 7mm for $38.
Dangle earrings I like hangs for their drama, and due to the fact that their common hook backs make them easy to get on and off. But lots of hangs aren't for daily; they'll look out of place with shorts and a tank, for instance. If you're going a bit more official, though, you have numerous alternatives with this earring style. Keep in mind that if you want your dangle earrings to become a jewelry staple, try to find a classic, stylish design in a neutral color, such as an all metal design or one that ends in a cultured pearl, for example. For your staple piece, do not pick anything fashionable or adorable; steer clear of hearts, stars, zodiac indications and skulls. (If you want to go fashionable that's fine, simply buy something low-cost.) As for exactly what to pick, I prefer a dangle that hangs an inch or 2 below the earlobe to really make a statement. White gold and yellow gold bars, chains or chandeliers are classic favorites. Of course, hairdo and closet will contribute right here too. If your hair is long you can get away with more remarkable-- and longer-- designs. Keep in mind, however, if you put on a dramatic earring it's best to avoid the pendant and let the earrings promote themselves.
Silver or gold hoop earrings Several designs of hoop earrings can be considered jewelry staples, from small diamond-encrusted loops to giant, J.Lo-style hoops. It all depends on exactly what you like, so select hoops that fit your character. Keep in mind, however, that oversize hoops can overpower short hair, an up do, or a face with small functions, so take in the total image prior to you march. Little gold, silver, diamond, pearl or CZ hoops go with everything and are always in design. Search for hoop earrings with a back that's simple to attach and won't readily bend or fall out. And don't use enormous hoops to a job interview or other expert setting, unless you work at Style.
Diamond solitaire pendant There's inadequate room here to discuss the five Cs of diamond quality, but, if you're interested, there are a ton of websites out there where you can check out how to select a diamond. As for the pendant, a single bezel set diamond on a white gold chain looks amazing, crisp and traditional. Choose an 18-inch length with a secure clasp (I choose lobster claw here) and see to it the chain is sturdy, yet thin and inconspicuous. It's the diamond that you wish to showcase here, not the chain. Similar to studs, you can get a stunning solitaire pendant made with a CZ, or, for a twist, attempt a pearl.